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Growing together with tailored solutions

With most of our customers we enjoy long-lasting cooperation, growing our businesses together and tailoring our logistics solutions to meet their specific needs. We have a strong global presence and ongoing assignments worldwide to prove it.
  • Land Transportation of dry goods
  • Project Transportation
  • Land Transportation of fresh goods
  • Staff Transportation
Rawaheel transport full dry truckloads throughout the Kingdom employing the latest technology and customized support services. We have some of the newest equipment operated by what we believe are the most experienced drivers on the road. That means reliability and dependability. We transport your cargo with our fleet of late model trucks and dry van trailers. Coupled with our comprehensive maintenance program, you have the resource of clean, professional-looking equipment with maximum cargo capacity and minimal equipment downtime.
For already more than several years Rawaheel is building strong long-term relations with partners inside the kingdom and GCC. We are proud to trust by the world’s largest Manufacturing chemicals producers, engineering and petrochemical companies, metal producers.

To facilitate our reliable, cost-effective and safe transport and logistics solutions, we offer multimodal door-to-door transports with cost-benefit and feasibility studies. When needed, we provide location surveys and documentation of routes, ports and means of transportation. We manage the full logistics process for our customers, offer status, and milestone reporting. Our experienced supervisors and port captains carry out supervision at loading, transshipment and discharge points. Even though we have probably carried out a transport project similar to yours, we know that no two projects are identical. That is why our specialists do comprehensive research to clarify all aspects and specifications of your particular transport before the project started.

Happy employees will definitely take your organization to a better productivity level! To attain their satisfaction you need to make the daily travel of your employees more convenient and on time. Rawaheel ensures that your employees are driven to your office with safety, punctuality & efficiency, all benefit to you with cost-effective.

Our Employee Transportation Services are available in all over the kingdom and for this, we have Vehicles Such as

  • BUS with 66 seat
  • Coster with 30 Seat
  • Haice , H1
  • We also provide the vehicles for contract basis whit driver.